Name Type Description Notes
Attachments List<string> Optional list of attachment IDs to send with this email. You must first upload each attachment separately in order to obtain attachment IDs [optional]
Bcc List<string> Optional list of bcc destination email addresses [optional]
Body string Contents of email. If HTML set isHTML to true. You can use moustache templates here if you provide a templateVariables option [optional]
Cc List<string> Optional list of cc destination email addresses [optional]
Charset string Optional charset [optional]
From string Optional from address. If not set source inbox address will be used [optional]
Html bool? [optional]
ReplyTo string Optional replyTo header [optional]
Subject string Optional email subject line [optional]
TemplateVariables Object Optional map of template variables. Will replace moustache syntax variables in subject or body with the associated values [optional]
To List<string> List of destination email addresses. Even single recipients must be in array form.

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