attachmentsListArray of IDs of attachments that were sent with this email[optional] [default to null]
bccList[optional] [default to null]
bodyString[optional] [default to null]
bodyMD5HashStringMD5 Hash[optional] [default to null]
ccList[optional] [default to null]
charsetString[optional] [default to null]
fromString[optional] [default to null]
idUUIDID of sent email[optional] [default to null]
inboxIdUUIDInbox ID email was sent from[optional] [default to null]
isHTMLBoolean[optional] [default to null]
pixelIdsList[optional] [default to null]
replyToString[optional] [default to null]
sentAtDate[default to null]
subjectString[optional] [default to null]
toListRecipients email was sent to[optional] [default to null]
userIdUUIDUser ID[optional] [default to null]

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