Preview of an email message. For full message (including body and attachments) call the getEmail or other email endpoints with the provided email ID.


AttachmentsListList of IDs of attachments found in the email. Use these IDs with the Inbox and Email Controllers to download attachments and attachment meta data such as filesize, name, extension.[optional]
BccListList of BCC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CcListList of CC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CreatedAtDateTimeWhen was the email received by MailSlurp[optional]
FromstringWho the email was sent from[optional]
IdGuidID of the email entity[optional]
ReadboolRead flag. Has the email ever been viewed in the dashboard or fetched via the API? If so the email is marked as read.[optional]
SubjectstringThe subject line of the email message[optional]
ToListList of To recipients that email was addressed to[optional]

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