# mailslurp.Model.WaitForConditions

Conditions that a waitForXEmails endpoint operates on. The methods wait until given conditions are met or a timeout is reached. If the conditions are met without needing to wait the results will be returned immediately.

# Properties

Name Type Description Notes
Count int Number of results that should match conditions. Either exactly or at least this amount based on the `countType`. If count condition is not met and the timeout has not been reached the `waitFor` method will retry the operation. [optional]
CountType string How should the found count be compared to the expected count. [optional]
InboxId Guid ID of inbox to search within and apply conditions to. Essentially filtering the emails found to give a count. [optional]
Matches List<MatchOption> Conditions that should be matched for an email to qualify for results. Each condition will be applied in order to each email within an inbox to filter a result list of matching emails you are waiting for. [optional]
SortDirection string Direction to sort matching emails by created time [optional]
Timeout long Max time in milliseconds to retry the `waitFor` operation until conditions are met. [optional]
UnreadOnly bool Apply conditions only to unread emails. All emails begin with `read=false`. An email is marked `read=true` when an `EmailDto` representation of it has been returned to the user at least once. For example you have called `getEmail` or `waitForLatestEmail` etc., or you have viewed the email in the dashboard. [optional]

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