NEW_EMAIL webhook payload. Sent to your webhook url endpoint via HTTP POST when an email is received by the inbox that your webhook is attached to. Use the email ID to fetch the full email body or attachments.


AttachmentMetaDatasListList of attachment meta data objects if attachments present[optional]
BccListList of BCC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CcListList of CC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CreatedAtDateTimeDate time of event creation[optional]
EmailIdGuidID of the email that was received. Use this ID for fetching the email with the EmailController.[optional]
EventNamestringName of the event type webhook is being triggered for.[optional]
FromstringWho the email was sent from[optional]
InboxIdGuidId of the inbox that received an email[optional]
MessageIdstringIdempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.[optional]
SubjectstringThe subject line of the email message[optional]
ToListList of To recipients that email was addressed to[optional]
WebhookIdGuidID of webhook entity being triggered[optional]
WebhookNamestringName of the webhook being triggered[optional]

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