# mailslurp.model.Inbox

# Load the model package

import 'package:mailslurp/api.dart';

# Properties

Name Type Description Notes
createdAt DateTime When was the inbox created [optional] [default to null]
description String Optional description of an inbox for labelling purposes [optional] [default to null]
emailAddress String The inbox's email address. Send an email to this address and the inbox will receive and store it for you. To retrieve the email use the Inbox and Email Controller endpoints. [optional] [default to null]
expiresAt String When, if ever, will the inbox expire and be deleted. If null then this inbox is permanent and the emails in it won't be deleted. Timestamp passed as string. [optional] [default to null]
favourite bool Is the inbox favourited [optional] [default to null]
id String ID of the inbox [optional] [default to null]
name String Optional name of the inbox. Displayed in the dashboard for easier search [optional] [default to null]
tags List<String> Tags that inbox has been tagged with [optional] [default to []]
userId String ID of user that inbox belongs to [optional] [default to null]

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