BasicAuthboolDoes webhook expect basic authentication? If true it means you created this webhook with a username and password. MailSlurp will use these in the URL to authenticate itself.[optional]
CreatedAttime.TimeWhen the webhook was created[optional]
IdstringID of the Webhook[optional]
InboxIdstringThe inbox that the Webhook will be triggered by[optional]
MethodstringHTTP method that your server endpoint must listen for[optional]
NamestringName of the webhook[optional]
PayloadJsonSchemastringDeprecated. Fetch JSON Schema for webhook using the getJsonSchemaForWebhookPayload method[optional]
UrlstringURL of your server that the webhook will be sent to. The schema of the JSON that is sent is described by the payloadJsonSchema.[optional]
UserIdstringUser ID of the Webhook[optional]

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