# Interface: CreateWebhookOptions

Options for creating a webhook. Webhooks can be attached to inboxes and MailSlurp will POST a webhook payload to the URL specified whenever the inbox receives an email. Webhooks are great for processing many inbound emails.


interface CreateWebhookOptions

# Hierarchy

  • CreateWebhookOptions

# Properties

# Optional basicAuth

basicAuth? : BasicAuthOptions

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:479

Optional basic authentication that MailSlurp should use when calling the URL. For instance if your URL is https://example.com then basic auth will call a URL like https://{username}@{password}:example.com

type {BasicAuthOptions}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions

# Optional name

name? : string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:485

Optional name for the webhook

type {string}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions

# Optional url

url? : string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:491

Public URL on your server that MailSlurp can post WebhookNotification payload to when an email is received. The payload of the submitted JSON is described by https://api.mailslurp.com/schemas/webhook-payload

type {string}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions