# Interface: CreateWebhookOptions

Options for creating a webhook. Webhooks can be attached to inboxes and MailSlurp will POST a webhook payload to the URL specified whenever the inbox receives an email. Webhooks are great for processing many inbound emails.


interface CreateWebhookOptions

# Hierarchy

  • CreateWebhookOptions

# Properties

# Optional basicAuth

basicAuth? : BasicAuthOptions

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:479 (opens new window)

Optional basic authentication that MailSlurp should use when calling the URL. For instance if your URL is https://example.com then basic auth will call a URL like https://{username}@{password}:example.com

type {BasicAuthOptions}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions

# Optional name

name? : string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:485 (opens new window)

Optional name for the webhook

type {string}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions

# Optional url

url? : string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:491 (opens new window)

Public URL on your server that MailSlurp can post WebhookNotification payload to when an email is received. The payload of the submitted JSON is described by https://api.mailslurp.com/schemas/webhook-payload

type {string}

memberof CreateWebhookOptions