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# Interface: CreateContactOptions


interface CreateContactOptions

# Hierarchy

  • CreateContactOptions

# Index

# Properties

# Properties

# company

Optional company: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:559 (opens new window)

memberof CreateContactOptions

# emailAddresses

Optional emailAddresses: Array<string>

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:517 (opens new window)

Set of email addresses belonging to the contact

memberof CreateContactOptions

# firstName

Optional firstName: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:523 (opens new window)

memberof CreateContactOptions

# groupId

Optional groupId: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:529 (opens new window)

Group IDs that contact belongs to

memberof CreateContactOptions

# lastName

Optional lastName: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:553 (opens new window)

memberof CreateContactOptions

# metaData

Optional metaData: JsonNode

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:535 (opens new window)

User metadata key value pairs to save for this contact. Can be any values you like.

memberof CreateContactOptions

# optOut

Optional optOut: boolean

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:541 (opens new window)

Has the user explicitly or implicitly opted out of being contacted? If so MailSlurp will ignore them in all actions.

memberof CreateContactOptions

# tags

Optional tags: Array<string>

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:547 (opens new window)

Tags that can be used to search and group contacts

memberof CreateContactOptions