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# Interface: DownloadAttachmentDto

Content of attachment


interface DownloadAttachmentDto

# Hierarchy

  • DownloadAttachmentDto

# Index

# Properties

# Properties

# base64FileContents

Optional base64FileContents: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1247 (opens new window)

Base64 encoded string of attachment bytes. Decode the base64 string to get the raw file bytes

memberof DownloadAttachmentDto

# contentType

Optional contentType: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1253 (opens new window)

Content type of attachment

memberof DownloadAttachmentDto

# sizeBytes

Optional sizeBytes: number

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1259 (opens new window)

Size in bytes of attachment

memberof DownloadAttachmentDto