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Globals / ForwardEmailOptions

# Interface: ForwardEmailOptions

Options for forwarding an email


interface ForwardEmailOptions

# Hierarchy

  • ForwardEmailOptions

# Index

# Properties

# Properties

# bcc

Optional bcc: Array<string>

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1705 (opens new window)

Optional bcc recipients

memberof ForwardEmailOptions

# cc

Optional cc: Array<string>

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1711 (opens new window)

Optional cc recipients

memberof ForwardEmailOptions

# subject

Optional subject: string

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1717 (opens new window)

Subject for forwarded email

memberof ForwardEmailOptions

# to

Optional to: Array<string>

Defined in src/generated/api.ts:1723 (opens new window)

To recipients for forwarded email

memberof ForwardEmailOptions