Load the model package

use MailSlurp::Object::ReplyToEmailOptions;


attachmentsARRAY[string]List of uploaded attachments to send with the reply. Optional.[optional]
bodystringBody of the reply email you want to send[optional]
charsetstringThe charset that your message should be sent with. Optional. Default is UTF-8[optional]
fromstringThe from header that should be used. Optional[optional]
is_htmlbooleanIs the reply HTML[optional]
reply_tostringThe replyTo header that should be used. Optional[optional]
send_strategystringWhen to send the email. Typically immediately[optional]
templatestringTemplate ID to use instead of body. Will use template variable map to fill defined variable slots.[optional]
template_variablesobjectTemplate variables if using a template[optional]
use_inbox_namebooleanOptionally use inbox name as display name for sender email address[optional]

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