domainstringCustom domain name
verification_tokenstringVerification tokens
dkim_tokensstring[]Unique token DKIM tokens
is_verifiedboolWhether domain has been verified or not. If the domain is not verified after 72 hours there is most likely an issue with the domains DNS records.
domain_name_records**MailSlurpModelsDomainNameRecord[]**List of DNS domain name records (C, MX, TXT) etc that you must add to the DNS server associated with your domain provider.
catch_all_inbox_idstringThe optional catch all inbox that will receive emails sent to the domain that cannot be matched.[optional]
domain_typestringType of domain. Dictates type of inbox that can be created with domain. HTTP means inboxes are processed using SES while SMTP inboxes use a custom SMTP mail server. SMTP does not support sending so use HTTP for sending emails.

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