# Email


attachmentsstring[]List of IDs of attachments found in the email. Use these IDs with the Inbox and Email Controllers to download attachments and attachment meta data such as filesize, name, extension.[optional]
bccstring[]List of BCC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
bodystringThe body of the email message[optional]
body_md5_hashstringA hash signature of the email message[optional]
ccstring[]List of CC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
charsetstringDetected character set of the email body such as UTF-8[optional]
created_atDateTimeWhen was the email received by MailSlurp[optional]
fromstringWho the email was sent from[optional]
headersmap[string,string]Collection of SMTP headers attached to email[optional]
idstringID of the email entity[optional]
inbox_idstringID of the inbox that received the email[optional]
is_htmlboolIs the email body HTML[optional]
readboolRead flag. Has the email ever been viewed in the dashboard or fetched via the API? If so the email is marked as read.[optional]
reply_tostringThe replyTo field on the received email message[optional]
subjectstringThe subject line of the email message[optional]
team_accessboolCan the email be accessed by organization team members[optional]
tostring[]List of To recipients that email was addressed to[optional]
updated_atDateTimeWhen was the email last updated[optional]
user_idstringID of user that email belongs to[optional]

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