ActionStringAction to be taken when the ruleset matches an email for the given scope. For example: BLOCK action with target * and scope SENDING_EMAILS blocks sending to all recipients. Note ALLOW takes precedent over BLOCK. FILTER_REMOVE is like block but will remove offending email addresses during a send or receive event instead of blocking the action.[optional]
ScopeStringWhat type of emails actions to apply ruleset to. Either SENDING_EMAILS or RECEIVING_EMAILS will apply action and target to any sending or receiving of emails respectively.[optional]
TargetStringTarget to match emails with. Can be a wild-card type pattern or a valid email address. For instance * matches all gmail addresses while matches one address exactly. The target is applied to every recipient field email address when SENDING_EMAILS is the scope and is applied to sender of email when RECEIVING_EMAILS.[optional]


  • Prepare the resource
$CreateInboxRulesetOptions = Initialize-maislurp-client-powershellCreateInboxRulesetOptions  -Action null `
 -Scope null `
 -Target null
  • Convert the resource to JSON
$CreateInboxRulesetOptions | ConvertTo-JSON

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