AttachmentsString[]List of IDs of attachments found in the email. Use these IDs with the Inbox and Email Controllers to download attachments and attachment meta data such as filesize, name, extension.[optional]
BccString[]List of BCC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CcString[]List of CC recipients email was addressed to[optional]
CreatedAtSystem.DateTimeWhen was the email received by MailSlurp[optional]
VarFromStringWho the email was sent from[optional]
IdStringID of the email entity[optional]
ReadBooleanRead flag. Has the email ever been viewed in the dashboard or fetched via the API? If so the email is marked as read.[optional]
SubjectStringThe subject line of the email message[optional]
ToString[]List of To recipients that email was addressed to[optional]


  • Prepare the resource
$EmailPreview = Initialize-maislurp-client-powershellEmailPreview  -Attachments null `
 -Bcc null `
 -Cc null `
 -CreatedAt null `
 -VarFrom null `
 -Id null `
 -Read null `
 -Subject null `
 -To null
  • Convert the resource to JSON
$EmailPreview | ConvertTo-JSON

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