CreatedAtSystem.DateTimeDate time of event creation[optional]
EventNameStringName of the event type webhook is being triggered for.[optional]
InboxIdStringId of the inbox that received an email[optional]
MessageIdStringIdempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.[optional]
PixelIdStringID of the tracking pixel[optional]
RecipientStringEmail address for the recipient of the tracking pixel[optional]
SentEmailIdStringID of sent email[optional]
WebhookIdStringID of webhook entity being triggered[optional]
WebhookNameStringName of the webhook being triggered[optional]


  • Prepare the resource
$WebhookEmailOpenedPayload = Initialize-maislurp-client-powershellWebhookEmailOpenedPayload  -CreatedAt null `
 -EventName null `
 -InboxId null `
 -MessageId null `
 -PixelId null `
 -Recipient null `
 -SentEmailId null `
 -WebhookId null `
 -WebhookName null
  • Convert the resource to JSON
$WebhookEmailOpenedPayload | ConvertTo-JSON

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