Options for creating inbox rulesets. Inbox rulesets can be used to block, allow, filter, or forward emails when sending or receiving using the inbox.


actionstrAction to be taken when the ruleset matches an email for the given scope. For example: BLOCK action with target * and scope SENDING_EMAILS blocks sending to all recipients. Note ALLOW takes precedent over BLOCK. FILTER_REMOVE is like block but will remove offending email addresses during a send or receive event instead of blocking the action.[optional]
scopestrWhat type of emails actions to apply ruleset to. Either SENDING_EMAILS or RECEIVING_EMAILS will apply action and target to any sending or receiving of emails respectively.[optional]
targetstrTarget to match emails with. Can be a wild-card type pattern or a valid email address. For instance * matches all gmail addresses while matches one address exactly. The target is applied to every recipient field email address when SENDING_EMAILS is the scope and is applied to sender of email when RECEIVING_EMAILS.[optional]

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