# MailSlurpClient::CreateOwnedAliasOptions

# Properties

Name Type Description Notes
email_address String Email address to be hidden behind alias [optional]
inbox_id String Optional inbox ID to attach to alias. Emails received by this inbox will be forwarded to the alias email address [optional]
name String Optional name for alias [optional]
proxied Boolean Optional proxied flag. When proxied is true alias will forward the incoming emails to the aliased email address via a proxy inbox. A new proxy is created for every new email thread. By replying to the proxy you can correspond with using your email alias without revealing your real email address. [optional]

# Code Sample

require 'MailSlurpClient'
instance = MailSlurpClient::CreateOwnedAliasOptions.new(email_address: null,
                                 inbox_id: null,
                                 name: null,
                                 proxied: null)