created_atDateTimeDate time of event creation[optional]
email_idStringID of the email that was received. Use this ID for fetching the email with the EmailController.[optional]
email_is_readBooleanIs the email read[optional]
event_nameStringName of the event type webhook is being triggered for.[optional]
inbox_idStringId of the inbox that received an email[optional]
message_idStringIdempotent message ID. Store this ID locally or in a database to prevent message duplication.[optional]
webhook_idStringID of webhook entity being triggered[optional]
webhook_nameStringName of the webhook being triggered[optional]

Code Sample

require 'MailSlurpClient'

instance = null,
                                 email_id: null,
                                 email_is_read: null,
                                 event_name: null,
                                 inbox_id: null,
                                 message_id: null,
                                 webhook_id: null,
                                 webhook_name: null)