• Email account API REST documentation for MailSlurp. Use HTTP client to send and receive emails from email APIs.


  • Office Puppy

    Office Puppy Behold the MailSlurp office puppy Wusi. She is a chihuahau/mini-pinscher mix and she keeps everyone motivated. She is a big believer in email testing and epowering developers to do the best! Wusi’s wish Wusi has communicated that she want every QA tester, marketer, and developer to enjoy the email APIs available free of charge at MailSlurp. Try MailSlurp today.

  • The Recommended Email size

    The Recommended Email size Do you know what the email attachment size limit is to the content you put in your email? Several, if not all, email sending service providers restrict how far the email attachment size should go. The limitations are put because of security reasons as well as performance. For this reason, when considering sending out email notifications or newsletters, you should …

  • The Difference between POP3 …

    The Difference between POP3 Vs. IMAP Emails When it comes to retrieving email messages, you have to do it right. To regain your emails, you need to be intentional which the method you pick on doing so. There are basically two options to choose from, that is POP3 vs. IMAP. They do the same work but vary in so many ways from each other. Here is how POP3/POP POP is initial for Post Office Protocol.

  • SMTP Port Guide

    SMTP Port Guide Everyone wants a successful delivery of their email. What stands between desire and real success is the correct port of transmission. You might think that it is not much of your problem because the service provider worries about that. Nevertheless, a default SMTP is no assurance of the best delivery. Therefore, it is essential to learn some other port alternatives that will better …