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Trigger automated response messages for inbound email using flexible pattern matching rulesets and catch-all domains.

Email automated responses

Why email reply automation matters

  • Acknowledgement of Message Receipt

    Automatic replies can be used to confirm that an email has been received and assure the sender that their message will be reviewed. This is particularly useful for customer support inquiries, where customers can be informed that their issue is being looked into and provided with an estimated response time.

  • Lead Capture and Information Requests

    Businesses and organizations can use automatic email replies to manage leads or inquiries that come through their websites or other channels. When someone submits a request for information, an automatic reply can be sent with relevant materials, such as brochures or whitepapers, or direct the sender to a specific webpage for more information. This helps to engage potential customers or clients and provide them with immediate assistance.

  • Out of Office Notifications

    Automatic email replies can be set up to inform senders that the recipient is currently out of the office or on vacation, and may not be able to respond to their message promptly. The reply can also provide the sender with an expected return date or an alternative contact person for urgent matters.

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