• Alternatives to Mailosaur

    Email API services compared. Alternatives to Mailosaur include MailSlurp email accounts.

  • Alternatives to Mailtrap

    Alternatives to Mailtrap Mailtrap is an email API service alternative to MailSlurp.

  • Email for testing

    Test email accounts for email testing. Alternatives to Mailinator, MailTrap, Mailosaur and more.

  • Email marketing service

    Marketing tools for email sending and receiving from customer or social campaigns. Dashboard and API access.

  • Fake email generator

    Fake email generator tutorial How you can create test email accounts using MailSlurp’s free fake email address …

  • Temporary email

    Free email account generator and API. Create unlimited test email accounts. Add custom domain support with a plan.


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  • NBSP in HTML emails

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  • Email for testing

    Email for testing One of the laborious things in QA professional life is testing email workflow. It involves a lot of …

  • CC and BCC in SMTP

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  • How to use Mailto Links

    Tutorial mailto links in HTML emails

  • Avoiding Spam Filters

    Avoiding Spam Filters When sending emails for marketing, no one wants their emails to go to the spam folder. The target …