Compared to other services

MailSlurp alternatives for Mailinator, Mailosaur, MailTrap and others. Email API service with fake email accounts.


Temporary email api

Temporary email API for disposable email accounts. Free for personal use with REST API and clients in NodeJS, CSharp and more.

Temporary email API

Temp mail api for creating disposable email addresses in tests and code.

Temp mail API services compared

Use a throwaway email provider to create dynamic email addresses during testing and development.

List of free Mailinator alternative

Free disposable email accounts for testing and development!

Alternatives to Mailinator

Create email addresses with a REST API and Javascript. MailSlurp is an alternative to Mailinator for generating permanent or disposable email addresses.

&nbsp and HTML space tips and solutions

&nbsp, AKA non-breaking space, is a character used in HTML to create a white space. In this post we analyze usage and performance solutions.

MailSlurp vs Mailosaur

Mailosaur is an email API for email testing. A recent player on the scene with a small user base.

MailSlurp vs Mailinator, Mailosaur

MailSlurp alternatives compared: Mailinator VS Mailosaur VS MailTrap, TestMail, and more. Email test APIs ranked.


Why testing with existing dummy mail providers doesn't always work.

What are server webhooks and how do you use them in your application.

Ensure your emails do not fall for spam capture. Use MailSlurp to increase deliverability.

Marketing tools for email sending and receiving from customer or social campaigns. Dashboard and API access.

Test your email delivery using MailSlurp to ensure high email marketing success.

How to test SMTP mail as a developer or QA tester.

Free email account generator and API. Create unlimited test email accounts. Add custom domain support with a plan.

Email API services compared. Alternatives to Mailosaur include MailSlurp email accounts.

Test email sending and delivery using fake mail servers

Other services like Mailtrap

Do you know who monitors your IP addresses and email sending reputation daily? With a Free email Deliverability Services, you can have an expert on your side.

How to create fake mail servers for testing and development

Fake email accounts for QA testers and developers

Testing email without really sending using virtual mailboxes

Test email accounts for email testing. Alternatives to Mailinator, MailTrap, Mailosaur and more.

Cuentas de correo desechables para pruebas y uso privado.

An introduction to cloud email APIs