Unlimited disposable email accounts are available for free from Mailslurp.com for personal use. Sign up to create an access token and then generate temp mailboxes in code or tests or by using the online dashboard.

Why us a temporary email account?

If you need a disposable email there are many options available online. Create a disposable mailbox and use it to send and receive email secretly or for testing purposes. MailSlurp is a free online email address provider that allows unlimited temporary emails. This is perfect for use in email marketing, account registration, and app testing.

What can temporary email be used for?

There are many legitimate use cases for disposable email. A common use is for testing programs and computer code. Another use for temporary email is when you sign up for new services and want to hide your real information.

Which mail providers can I trust?

Some free temporary mail services sell your information! Only use a trusted provider like MailSlurp.