Why developers need real email addresses

Sending and receiving emails is an important aspect of many applications. Testing these processes is often difficult.

It may be that user sign-up requires a unique email address so end-to-end testing this process requires a new email address each time. Often developers will avoid testing these areas as they aren't aware of services like MailSlurp.

MailSlurp lets you generate email addresses to send or receive emails from during tests.

How test email accounts work

MailSlurp is an API for creating unique private email addresses on demand. You can then send and receive unlimited emails from an address via REST. Think of it like a test email account - but with unlimited addresses.

You can generate emails for testing and then send them to email receiving endpoints in your application. This means you can test email dependant functions with real email addresses.


MailSlurp integrates seemlessly into your existing test suites. It has a simple HTTP API that works with any programming language plus a range of official SDK libraries.

When testing an email dependent process simply:

  • Create a new email address via MailSlurp API
  • Use this email address as a test email account to send or receive emails
  • Verify the results in your tests

Getting started

For more information on how to test with real emails see the homepage.