MailSlurp Examples

Developer example projects and guides are available in many languages and frameworks.

Integrate MailSlurp into your application or test. Try an example project to learn how or see the examples repository on Github.


.NET SpecFlow testing using MailSlurp email accounts and Selenium

How to test .NET authentication and sign-up using real email accounts with MailSlurp and SpecFlow.

Codeception PHP acceptance testing using real email address APIs

Write acceptance tests in PHP with real email addresses using Codeception and MailSlurp

Cypress Email Plugin - Test email accounts in Javascript (and Typescript)

Use real email accounts in CypressJS to test user sign-up, email verification, and more.

Email APIs for Java and Kotlin projects

Test email sending and receive emails without a mail server.

Golang mail Library (SMTP)

How to send and receive emails in Go (test email addresses).

Java TestNG Selenium user sign up testing with real email addresses

Testing user sign up in Java using TestNG and MailSlurp test email accounts

PHP Email Test Plugins: send and receive email in PHPUnit (example code)

How to send and receive emails in PHPUnit tests.

PyTest email testing

Send and receive email in Pytest Python tests.

Robotframework Python Testing using real email addresses

Python automation email testing Robotframework plugin

Selenium test email plugins: send and receive email in tests (Java tutorial)

Receive emails in Java test suites using MailSlurp, Junit, and Selenium.

Send and receive email in Cypress JS tests with MailSlurp

Test email sign-up. password verification and more with Cypress JS and MailSlurp.

Test Emails in Selenium with DotNet, CSharp and MailSlurp

Send and receive email in DotNET Nunit tests using Selenium and MailSlurp.

Test applications with real emails using Serenity BDD, JBehave and Selenium

Email acceptance testing with Serenity and MailSlurp. Test applications with real email addresses.

Test email accounts with Jest and Puppeteer

Test email accounts in React with Jest and Puppeteer. Send and receive emails in Javascript.

Test emails with Cucumber and Ruby

Generate test email accounts with Ruby and Cucumber. Test email sign-up, password verification and more.

Test user sign-up with NodeJS and WebDriver

Test email related processes like sign-up and verification using WDIO WebDriver and MailSlurp.

TestCafe end-to-end MFA testing for user sign-up and email verification

End-to-end testing with MailSlurp, NodeJS, and TestCafe.

Testing authentication using real email addresses in Ruby with Capybara, Cucumber, and Selenium

Cucumber example project using Capybara to test user authentication using real email addresses.

iOS XCode send and read email example

Send and receive email in Swift using MailSlurp email API


How to create SDK libraries a language of your choice

Ensure email delivery using MailSlurp scalable message queues

Use disposable email accounts with Playwright JS to test application end-to-end with real emails.

Test email in PHP using real email addresses

Send email in Javascript with MailSlurp email API