Send and receive emails from randomly generated addresses via REST.

Test email-dependent functionality with real email addresses.

Test email verification with MailSlurp
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How to test emails with MailSlurp

Test that emails are received by your users

Do your sign-up confirmations, email notifications, newsletters, or transactional emails work correctly? Find out during tests with real email addresses.

Test that your application receives emails correctly

Can users contact your service? Does your service parse or process emails dynamically. Test core user interactivity by sending real emails to your application.

End-to-end test email-dependent processes

Don't leave core functionality to change. Test user interaction and outreach with real email addresses that can be read and sent from via REST.

Create new inboxes during tests

Create unique users with real email addresses during end-to-end and integration tests.

Send and receive via REST

Send real emails from randomized accounts. Read inbound messages in real-time.

Test real functionality

Test user signup, email verification, notifications, from AWS Cognito, Firebase, and much more. Use cases.

A Real Quote
MailSlurp helped Daisy test email integration in her app

"MailSlurp changed the way I test code."

— Daisy Blob, Seaside Studio
It's FREE!

That's right, it's totally free. For hosted solutions and custom domains please contact sales.

See it in action

We use it to test the AWS Cognito sign-up process on this very site!

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Our simple REST API is very well documented.

API Documentation
Test password reset emails
Test MailChimp, MailGun, SES, Cognito, Firebase and much more
Test newsletter scheduling
Test email verification codes
Test app notifications
Test HTML email rendering
Test automated responses

Test everything email with MailSlurp.