• How to create an inbox with MailSlurp to send and receive emails with.

  • Use regex or server side matching to extract email content

  • Read emails and attachments in code and tests. Wait for unread emails using long-polling or webhooks.

  • Use MailSlurp to test email related functionality using real email addresses.

  • Create an account and API Key. How to sign-up and login. Manage your settings and plan.

  • Use your api access token to call the MailSlurp API and control your inboxes remotely.

  • Send and receive email attachments.

  • Configure inbox forwarders to automatically forward received emails matching rules you setup.

  • How to use custom domains with MailSlurp.

  • How to create email address with wild-card catch all using MailSlurp. Screenshots included.

  • Check email addresses are real and exist using MailSlurp email verification.

  • Use MailSlurp's attachment endpoints to upload, send, receive, and download attachments.

  • See if emails are opened by sending tracking pixels. Receive open events via Webhook or view which recipients opened an email in the MailSlurp dashboard

  • Receive emails with http webhooks. Webhooks let you respond to inbound email streams in real time on your server or within an application.

  • How to set inbox routing rules to block or allow inbound or outbound emails using patterns.

  • MailSlurp custom email address guide for catch all email routing.

  • Manage payment, access, and usage limits. How to upgrade, alter your subscription, and view invoices.

  • How to send emails and attachments in code and tests.

  • Email forwarding API for automatic email proxy. Setup auto-forwarding email aliases to mask a real email address.

  • How to manage MailSlurp team access to an organization.

  • Free test email address for testing emails online with web dashboard or REST API.

  • How to wait for emails in code that match search criteria. Pattern matching and regular expressions.



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