# MailSlurp team access

MailSlurp offers team access via organizations. If your account allows organization access you can create an organization in the dashboard and then invite team members to access the app via your own organization portal.

# Creating a organization

Navigate to the organization page in the dashboard (opens new window). Create an organization and give it a name and slug.

The slug is a lowercase identifier that will be used to generate a login url for your users. For instance if your organization slug is my-team then team members can login at https://app.mailslurp.com/organization/my-team.

# Adding team members

Once your organization is created navigate to the organization and begin adding team members.

Each team member you add will be sent an invitation. Once they have accepted the invitation they can login at your organizations login portal.

# Permissions

There are currently two organization team user types:

  • SOLO: non-admin user with access to only their own entities
  • TEAM: non-admin user with shared access to all entities in the organization

TEAM user permissions are still under construction. SOLO user access still allows your team to use MailSlurp with organization plan limits.