MailSlurp is a free team email account management tool. Developers, QA testers, and marketing teams can use powerful email dashboards to send and receive emails to and from groups. MailSlurp allows unlimited custom domains, attachment archives, spam analysis, webhook alerts, forwarding and more. Use the powerful MailSlurp email API and Javascript client

MailSlurp is free to join. Start an account today.

Create team email dashboards

The MailSlurp email web app allows team access to unlimited shared email accounts. Send and receive emails using templates and contact lists.

Smart spam validation

MailSlurp uses machine learning to analyse received emails and produces email spam analysis reports.

HTML verification

You can view raw messages and debug HTML using MailSlurp

Powerful code integrations

Build email applications and campaigns in code or integrate email processes into marketing analysis. MailSlurp provides a REST API and SDK libraries for many languages.

Transaction emails at scale

Send and receive transactional and marketing emails at scale. Build powerful email functionality into your app or marketing stack and drive sales.