With MailSlurp you can scan emails for vulnerabilities, spam, and viruses. You can do so using the API or the dashboard.

To view email analysis in the dashboard see our receiving email section.

Available reports

MailSlurp uses AWS SES email scanning technologies to analyse inbound emails. The following properties are available:

For each field results can be either , , or .

NOTE MailSlurp does not prevent emails from being sent or received that fail these tests. The detections are only for your own use and analysis. You can choose how to handle the results.

Spam verdict

How likely is an email to trigger spam filters.

Virus and vulnerabilities

Does the email content or attachments contain a probable virus.

SPF verdict (Send policy framework)

Detect sender email address forgery using the sender policy framework.

DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM is a way to authenticate an email sender based on DNS records for the sender's domain. This can be configured in MailSlurp using custom domains.

DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication

Another authentication protocol supported by custom

Validating emails using the API

You can use the MailSlurp REST API or any one of the MailSlurp SDKs to verfiy email content and attachments.

By requesting an email by it's ID via the response contains an analysis property with a value for each field. The response looks like so:

See the API documentation for more information.