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&nbsp and HTML space tips and solutions

&nbsp, AKA non-breaking space, is a character used in HTML to create a white space. In this post we analyze usage and performance solutions.

Confirmation emails that work

Confirmation emails enjoy a 70% open rate; sending nominal "order confirmed" messages is inexcusable. We will teach you how to confirm an email in the article below.

Create custom print classes with Tailwind

Configure tailwind.config.js to create prefixed classes with a custom media query.

HTML Mailto Links Explained

HTML Mailto is uncomplicated to use. This link opens the default email client and adds a new notification maker. Pre-populated fields save time and prevent email bounces. This post will cover customizing mailto. We'll also discuss its viability in this decade. Come on.

How to choose the right email design size (for various campaigns)

Email sizes can be instrumental to determine if your consumer will comprehend and engage with your content. While the template width (600 px) is typical, there are nuances to be mindful of. There are no hard and fast standards for email template height like design blocks.

How to mask an email address

Email masking is more critical than ever before. Hide the data behind your address for privacy.

How to test an email address

Test email accounts for testing email addresses in code or online. Create fake email accounts for testing.

List of free Mailinator alternative

Free disposable email accounts for testing and development!

Maximum Email Size and How to Optimize It

Email sizes are fundamental for a few important reasons. One is security, and another is the performance of your email.

SPF Records Explained: What Are They?

An SPF record is now required for reliable email delivery. It protects your emails from being faked. This protects you against phishing scams and trollers.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Mass Email Sending

Replace email blasts with safe transactional mail campaigns - preserve your spam core and deliverability.

What Is Amazon Simple Storage Service (SES) - And How Can I Use It?

Amazon SES is an email service among virtual servers, AI apps, and libraries. Ideally, you can integrate your email system with your program hosted on Amazon.


Avoiding Spam Filters

CC and BCC in SMTP

Easily deploy a self-hosted Redash instance to an AWS EC2 machine using Terraform.

Create real throw-away email addresses for testing and development in .NET core. Follow this guide to get started.

Sending transactional emails with AWS is more powerful than other API providers but comes with some downsides.

Do's and Don'ts for multiple SPF records

Create cross platform build scripts for DotNET Core in a way similar to Makefiles.

Hosted email domains for custom mail servers

APIs for email marketing and social campaign testing. Send, receive, validate and test emails in code and online.

Fake email account generator for testing and development. Create real email accounts.

Can emails be sent over blockchain? Well kind of! LedgerMail and other and at the cutting edge of decentralized email.

10 quick tips for testing an email before you send it.

Email MIME type message attachment file size limits and conventions

Test email accounts for email testing. Alternatives to Mailinator, MailTrap, Mailosaur and more.

Send bulk transactional emails with MailSlurp online or in code using CSharp, Node.js, Java, PHP and more.

Fake email accounts for QA testers and developers

Modern typescript tooling has come a long way. See how to setup a new project with TS-Node, TSC, and typeconfig.json.

Handle response exceptions with Fetch in Javascript

Generate random emails in code or visual dashboard.

Test applications with real emails. MailSlurp is like a fake email account.

How to set GitHub CLI token in terminal without a file

How to create real email addresses using GraphQL to send and receive emails in tests and frontend applications.

Did you know you can send and receive emails using GraphQL?

HTML entities NBSP in emails

Fix .NET installation on Linux for missing dotnet dependencies.

Conda is a package management system that is popular in the machine learning and python space.

Lately when needing to provide Webp background image image-sets I discovered a way to set the same React inline style property twice.

Spawn Selenium server process before tests start for easier acceptance testing.

Mailto links not working guide.

Example tutorial for how to wait until webdriver and Selenium have started during Codeception PHP tests

Serve responsive picture tags with custom render-image layout partial in Hugo static site generator.

Install Swift on Debian (Buster)

How to create email workflows with MailCatcher and what alternatives exist?

Using MailJet to send emails (and how to test it).

Tutorial mailto links in HTML emails

How to specify headers h1, h2, h3 and more in Github flavoured Markdown

Send and receive email using NodeMailer in Node JS.

Starting sending and receiving emails in no time with MailSlurp's official NodeJS Client.

Use MailSlurp email APIs to fetch and process emails in tests or apps.

Generate email accounts for testing

Check email deliverability using DKIM SMTP

SMTP Port Guide

How to send email attachments using MailSlurp API.

Sending emails in NodeJS with Sengrid, SES, or custom SMTP servers.

Show latest package version NPM

Avoid embarrassing bug reports by catching bugs in production early with Smoke Tests. It's a simple way to deploy with confidence.

Stripe get all customers list (example)

Fast, strongly typed end-to-end testing

Use MailSlurp to create email addresses to send and receive emails during tests.

How to use test email accounts with Jest and NodeJS

Testing Content Security Policy CSP Headers

Testing user sign-up with real email addresses in Ruby

The Difference between POP3 Vs. IMAP Emails

The Recommended Email size

Sending emails is important for many applications. Top 10 transactional email services compared.

Generate dynamic email addresses on demand with MailSlurp - a modern email API.

CAN-SPAM email regulations and the List-Unsubscribe SMTP header

Generate real email addresses in tests

How to parse and validate markdown with YAML headers and assert for required meta data lengths.

What is DKIM Email

Why sending emails via API services is simpler than deploying your own SMTP server

How do SMTP servers work and what is a fake smtp server