RCS messaging is an advanced protocol replacing SMS, offering enhanced features like read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality media sharing. It provides a more interactive and engaging messaging experience, supported by carriers and devices, gradually becoming the standard for Android messaging.

Rich Communication Services is the abbreviation. RCS is a communication protocol that Google supports, however as of this writing, it only functions with Android-based devices. Although it should function with Samsung and Android Messages as well, it is most frequently used with the Google Messages app.

The most spectacular interactive email you can conceive is comparable to a killer RCS communication. An RCS campaign, for instance, would contain this: a chatbot exchange that results in a straightforward interactive game.

How does RCS work?

Inside their messaging app, users may connect with chatbots that provide warm, automated replies as they browse a multimedia experience. The purpose of RCS messages is to facilitate interactive, two-way communication. Contacts may answer in real-time via text or voice messaging and immediately interact with the material within the app.

Features and Functionality Of RCS

  • Message
  • Document
  • Suggested responses
  • Cart
  • Wealth card
  • Fallback

When you send a message, you are sending text, however when you send a file, you are sending content, such a photo or a movie, to the receiver.

There are recommended actions and replies, which makes it easier for the audience to participate in the dialogue. They behave something like a collection of CTAs that provide consumers options. An RCS message with a carousel allows the recipient to swipe through the images and maybe select an option.

Rich card carousels have also been added by developers, allowing users to browse through a number of possibilities and compare them before choosing and acting. Similarly to the fallbacks used in email creation when anything isn't accessible in a specific client, fallbacks are utilised in this situation. For RCS communications, restricted devices will get a regular SMS message as a backup.

Benefits And Limitations Of RCS Messaging

With the ability to send and receive multimedia (audio, video, etc.) and create a customised experience, RCS messaging is a new method of communication. gives recipients the ability to carry out actions (such as purchases, exchanges, scheduling, etc.) inside their messaging application. promotes customer loyalty and engagement. can be quite individualised.

Apple's iMessage app won't support the new RCS standard. Google has been putting pressure on Apple to change its mind. The company launched a public campaign with content on Android. Even Apple fan sites like 9to5Mac think iOS should support RCS messages.

Is RCS Messaging Useful?

RCS is presently thought to be accessible to 1.2 billion mobile device users worldwide. Google provides some striking statistics on RCS's efficiency in digital communications. When customers can interact with a brand through RCS and ask questions in real-time, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Will RCS Replace Email?

According to a survey, 42% of customers prefer email to mobile texting when communicating with brands. Only 20% of consumers prefer to receive text messages from marketers, according to a Mailjet study. RCS is now only available to Android phone users, although almost everyone has an email address.

Omnichannel Marketing

Utilizing several channels is only one aspect of omnichannel communication. Finding out which channels your audience likes and using the appropriate channel at the appropriate time are key. Giving consumers what they want is the cornerstone of effective customer communication.


Many B2C businesses, especially those in the e-commerce industry, appear to find RCS to be an appealing choice. However, despite being hip and current, RCS shouldn't be a part of your marketing strategy. Because it can improve the customer experience, take action. How can you aid clients and prospects by using these channels?

If you can discover methods to include interaction, email can be a better choice for your marketing mix than radio communications (RCS). For instance, you might not wish to distribute a newsletter with a lot of information using RCS. Important B2B communications may be delivered using email rather than RCS.