Mailinator alternative

Alternatives to Mailinator for test email accounts. Create real email addresses using MailSlurp

mailinator Mailinator is a popular email testing tool that lets you create test email accounts. It is used by QA testers and developers to test email processes and application. Mailinator is quite old and lacks many modern features. An alternative is MailSlurp - a free email API with a powerful dashboard and libraries in many common programming languages.

MailSlurp email service

MailSlurp is an email test account service that lets you generate real email addresses in code or using a web app.


You can create email addresses, compose emails, send and receive attachments, validate email ratings and more.


Email in code

You can also send and receive email in tests and coding using the official SDKs. Here is an example in PHP:

public function test_canSendEmail(): void
    // create a new inbox
    $inboxController = new MailSlurp\Apis\InboxControllerApi(null, $this->config);
    $inbox = $inboxController->createInbox();

    // send options
    $sendOptions = new MailSlurp\Models\SendEmailOptions();
    // (you can use normal strings too)
            <h1>MailSlurp supports HTML</h1>

    // send
    $inboxController->sendEmail($inbox->getId(), $sendOptions);

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Mailinator alternative

Alternatives to Mailinator for test email accounts. Create real email addresses using MailSlurp

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