Many of us have been through that time when we were eagerly waiting for our email response but it never arrived. While applying to top organizations for a job or to universities for admission, we all have suffered from the disappointment of not living our dream and ending up somewhere else. One of the major reasons behind this is the landing of our email in the recipient's spam. This is due to the poor email deliverability that causes your emails to skip the inbox or land in spam.

So, how can you improve your email deliverability? In this article, we will discuss different email deliverability testing tools that will help you to prevent your emails from landing in spam. But before starting, let us know what is meant by deliverability.


Deliverability refers to the process which determines whether an email is delivered into the inbox or landed in spam. It depends on different factors including the sender's reputation and the authenticity of the email content which decide the fate of the email.

Deliverability Testing Tools

A list of different email deliverability testing tools is discussed as follows:

This tool analyzes the domain of your email and its content. Here, you send your email to an email address given on your screen. Within seconds, you will receive a score telling the authentication of your email like whether it will go into the inbox or spam, along with some useful tips to improve your email. It comes with a free as well as premium service version to test your emails.

Spamcheck by Postmark

Spamcheck allows you to check your email's authenticity by putting your email's HTML code in the empty box along with the headers. In a few seconds, you will receive a score. If it's lower, perfect. If higher, then you need to improve your email using the provided tips. You can also make Spamcheck a part of your app to automatically check all outgoing emails.


GlockApps is a tool that estimates your email's status by matching its transmissions performed through three different platforms: Postfix, Mailgun, and SendGrid. Many email platforms hide our emails below hundreds of daily-arriving promotional emails. With the help of each platform's report, it determines where your email will land.


Here, you can send emails to an individually assigned account. SendForensics compare your email report with thousands of other users/companies subscribed to their service and tells you about your email status and how you can improve it.

Sender Score

The sender Score tool determines the authenticity and score of your domain's IP address that you use for email transmission. This score is the primary thing that spam uses to determine where your email should go.

MX Toolbox

MX toolbox validates the authentication techniques used by a domain. It asks you to send an email to and give you its report in a few minutes. The report will tell you whether your domain's authentications are properly configured.


MailSlurp creates a virtual testing inbox for you where you can check your email's status using a SpamAssassin-powered spam check, and then optimize it before sending it to the real recipients. It provides you with numerous inboxes to test and preview your emails.

Other Tools

Some email platforms provide inbuilt email testing tools that you can use to check the deliverability rate of your email for example Mailgun, Sendinblue, MailTrap, and Postmark.