GIF and Email Marketing – Get All Essential Details

GIF or short for Graphics Interchange Format, is an animated image that can easily be embedded in emails. GIF images seem more attractive than static images, and adding GIF images to emails always creates advanced top-notch marketing campaigns. Here all need to find out the right place to design the GIF for your email newsletter.

Places to find the best GIFs

If you are planning for GIF marketing, you need to search for the best GIF using the GIF search tool. Here are the details of these tools.


GIPHY is one of the essential options for searching for the best GIF. Here you need to type the word or the phrase for that particular GIF you are looking for. Here you will get the required GIF out of 10 billion GIFs.


Reddit is another great platform to get GIF search engines. Here you will get varied GIFs of different categories.

GIF templates

While you are going to find the GIF, you will not find any captions, and here, you need to add captions of your own.

Opt for GIF makers

You can get in touch with Visme, the GIF maker who makes editable GIFs. Here you will get a GIF creation guide. Other top GIF makers are Giphy, Ezgif, Kapwing etc.

Transforming videos into GIFs

Sometimes adding videos into emails can make the mail spam, and these emails will not reach the inbox of the receiver. Emails have a particular size limit to adding videos; hence, transforming videos into GIFs will be a good option. But if you can convert the videos into GIFs, your emails will not get marked as spam. Moreover, converting your GIFs into emails will make your emails mobile friendly; hence, viewers can read your emails properly.

Methods to insert GIFs

While you are going to opt for GIF marketing, you need to understand the process of inserting a GIF.

  • Download GIF - At first, it is necessary to download a GIF.
  • Now draft a mail and Insert a photo from the Options menu. Here you need to select Inline Options and now click on the option “Choose Photos to Upload”. If you have already saved any GIF on the desktop, you can simply drag the photo to insert it into the mail.
  • Once you are done with inserting the GIF, you need to send the Email to the required Email ids.

Inserting GIF in Outlook mail

Using Outlook, you also need to insert GIFs into the mail. Here you need to follow the process below.

  • At first, you need to download the GIF and save the images on your computer.
  • Here, you need to draft a new mail first and then insert the image you have already saved on your desktop.
  • Once the mail is ready with the GIF, it is necessary to send it to your desired email ids.

You can also embed GIFs in an Email Campaign. You need to select an Email Template and place an image block. Now upload the GIF in the mail and send emails to the recipient's addresses.


Animated GIFs in emails is a great way to drive engagement from your users. Just make sure the GIF is interesting!