Creating Email Addresses

How to create an inbox with MailSlurp to send and receive emails with.

This page has been archived and may no longer be up to date.

What is an Inbox?

MailSlurp uses the concept of an inbox. Each inbox has a unique email address and ID.

Any email that is sent to your inbox's email address will be stored in that inbox. When you send an email from an inbox MailSlurp will use that inbox's email address to send it. (Technically the from and reply-to email headers.)

Creating an inbox

Any user can create an inbox in a number of ways:

  • Using the MailSlurp Dashboard
  • Using the /createInbox endpoints in the REST API
  • Or using the SDK Libraries in Node, Python, Ruby, PHP and more.

Basic usage

By default new inboxes are assigned a random email address ending in

Custom email addresses

To generate email accounts with custom email addresses you'll need to register a domain in the MailSlurp Dashboard. Once verified you can specify any email address you wish when you create an inbox.

Next steps

Once you have created an inbox try:

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