# What is an inbox?

An inbox is a private email account belonging to your API Key. Inboxes have real, unique email addresses that can send and receive emails and attachments.

# Creating an inbox

By default inboxes are assigned a randomly-generated email address ending in @mailslurp.com. For instance: 65b5ebf7f4fa@mailslurp.com.

const inbox = await mailslurp.createInbox();

// { id: '65b5ebf7f4fa', emailAddress: '65b5ebf7f4fa@mailslurp.com' }

You can specify custom email addresses by using a custom domain. For instance: invoices@myorg.com.

const inbox = await mailslurp.createInbox("invoices@myorg.com");


To use custom domains you must add a domain that you own to the MailSlurp dashboard.

# How inboxes work

Once you create an inbox any email sent to the inbox's email address will be received by MailSlurp, parsed, and stored. Inboxes and emails are private and permanent (unless otherwise specified). Inboxes can also send emails and route mail with webhooks.

Let's see it in action!