# Expired email addresses

MailSlurp inboxes can be set to expire at a given time. The server periodically checks inboxes to see if they have expired and archives those that have.

# Expired inboxes

You can view inboxes that have expired with the ExpiredInboxRecord endpoints in the inbox controller or in the dashboard (opens new window).

# Emails

Expired inboxes can no longer sender or receive emails. You can however view old emails using the inbox's ID.

# Expiration causes

If you have a free account a default expiration date is used when creating inboxes. Paid accounts can set whatever expiration dates your desire or leave the property blank for permanent inboxes by default.

# Permanent inboxes

To ensure permanent inboxes use a paid account or upgrade your account (opens new window).

# Working with expired inboxes

See the developer documentation to list and fetch expired inbox details.