Using custom domains with MailSlurp

Email custom domains with API access

MailSlurp paid plans allow you to send and receive emails and attachments using custom domains and email addresses.

Purchasing a domain

You must either purchase or have access to a domain DNS (name server) provider before using a domain with MailSlurp.

Configuring domain with MailSlurp

In order for MailSlurp to be able to send and receive emails using a domain that you own you must login to your dashboard and add the domain under your domain settings.

Verifying domain

Once you have added a domain to your dashboard domain settings you will be presented with a table of DNS records. You must add the provided records to your DNS provider and wait for MailSlurp to verify them.

Note domain verification can take up to 48 hours. You only need to verify a domain once and afterwards you can create unlimited email addresses using it.

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