Email APIs for developers and QA Testers

Build powerful applications and test suites using real email addresses in code. Create inboxes on demand then send and receive emails and attachments in Javascript, Go, PHP, Ruby, Java, C#, REST and more.

Email in code

Create real email addresses on demand. Send and receive email in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, and more. Built for developers and QA testers to build email functionality and test email related processes.

// install package with `npm install --save mailslurp-client`
import { MailSlurp } from "mailslurp-client"

// instantiate a client with API KEY
const mailslurp = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: 'your-api-key' })

// create an inbox with a random email address ending in
const { emailAddress, id } = await mailslurp.createInbox()

// for full control over inbox email addresses use a custom domain
const customInbox = await mailslurp.createInbox("")

Official SDKs and plugins

Javascript MailSlurp Library
REST API Documentation
C++ Email SDK
Crystal Email Library
Csharp Email Library
Dart Email Library
Elixir MailSlurp Client
Golang Email SDK
Java Email Client
Kotlin Email Library
Lua Email Testing
Nim Email Testing
Objective C Email Library
Perl Email Framework
PHP Email Client
Python Email Library
Ruby Email Library
Rust MailSlurp Client
Swift iOS Email Library
Typescript Email Client


MailSlurp has official libraries is several popular languages. We also have an easy to use REST API that you can call from any language. If you are looking for a no-code solution try our email dashboard.

Code examples