Send and receive emails in application or tests. Free for personal use. See guides or documentation to get started.

How can MailSlurp help you?

MailSlurp will supercharge you email functionality:

  • Generate email addresses (randomized or with custom domains).
  • Send and receive real emails. Use attachments, moustache templating, SMTP headers and more.
  • Capture and analyse email content from tests, apps, or with our UI dashboard.
  • Create SPAM analysis reports and use HTML previews to test email content.
  • And so much more!

Use MailSlurp how you like

Use one of our official SDK clients in a range of languages to quickly add MailSlurp functionality to your app or tests. Or use the REST API to call MailSlurp endpoints from any context.

QA Testing

MailSlurp is perfect for QA Testing. Add MailSlurp to your test suites to E2E test email related processes like email verification, user sign-up and transactional mail. We have a number of guides for testers using popular frameworks like Selenium, Webdriver, RSpec, Junit and more.

Not a developer?

You can use MailSlurp online without any code! The MailSlurp Dashboard is free for all users and gives you all the functionality in an easy to use web app.

Need help?

Try our guides, API docs, or examples repository for more information.