Alternatives to Mailinator

Create email addresses with a REST API and Javascript. MailSlurp is an alternative to Mailinator for generating permanent or disposable email addresses.


Mailinator is a disposable email service that lets you generate email addresses and send and receive emails in code, tests, or online. It's quite popular but lacks many features and has several alternatives. Here is a screenshot:


Modern alternatives

MailSlurp is an alternative to Mailinator that lets you create permanent or disposable email addresses on demand for tests, applications, and social campaigns.

MailSlurp has a REST API, SDK libraries, and a powerful UI dashboard. It offers the same features as Mailinator with advanced capabilities.

Create email addresses with an API

create inbox

Create real email addresses using a REST API. Have a randomly assigned address for testing or use specific addresses with your own custom domain. MailSlurp has a REST API plus a visual online dashboard.

Fetch emails direclty or use webhook push. Send and receive attachments and templated HTML emails at scale in code or online.

$ curl -X POST
{ "emailAddress": "" }

Send and receive emails in code and tests

Use MailSlurp as an alternative email test tool. Create email addresses in automated tests that send and receive emails. Use official libraries in Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Java and more.

You can use MailSlurp to write automated tests for email related processes. Test user sign-up, email verification, password reset, notification gateways and more.

// create randomly assigned email addresses instantly
const inbox = await api.createInbox();

// or use custom domains
const customInbox = await api.createInbox("");

Free accounts and simple pricing

MailSlurp is free for personal use and built to scale. It has a simple pricing model and is more affordable than Mailinator.


Visual dashboard and SDK Libraries

MailSlurp offers SDK integrations for sending and receiving emails in code and tests. It also includes a power online dashboard for creating inboxes and viewing emails and attachments.


Free and scales

MailSlurp is free for personal use and has affordable team pricing. Try it today.

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