SMTP vs HTTP MailSlurp inboxes

MailSlurp offers two types of inbox: SMTP or HTTP. Both act like regular email addresses - they can send and receive emails and attachments on demand. They differ in which mail server they use to process inbound emails.

inbox types

HTTP inboxes

HTTP inboxes are the default inbox type. They use AWS SES to process emails and are best used for test email accounts and internal email addresses. They are fast and reliable but may not support some legacy email clients such as Outlook. Please use SMTP inboxes for public facing email addresses (if you only need to receive).

await mailslurp.createInboxWithOptions({ inboxType: 'HTTP_INBOX '})

SMTP inboxes

SMTP inboxes use a custom mail server running at that supports a wide range of email clients. SMTP inboxes are best used for public facing email accounts that receive emails from customers and external contacts.

SMTP inboxes are receive-only and cannot send emails. Use HTTP inboxes for sending and receiving.
await mailslurp.createInboxWithOptions({ inboxType: 'SMTP_INBOX '})

For a list of POP3, IMAP, and SMTP ports and hosts see the MailServer guide.

Custom domain support

To use custom domains with MailSlurp create a domain that is either HTTP or SMTP type. The domain type determines the type of inbox that can be used with it. See the domain creation guide for more information.

Diagnose email receiving

If you inbox is not working as expected or is not receiving emails please refer to the guide on diagnosing email receiving.