Inbox permanency and expiration are important to consider.

Support guide for inbox expiration using MailSlurp temporary inbox feature. How to create throw-away disposable email addresses.

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MailSlurp inboxes can be either permanent or temporary depending on your plan and how you create the inbox. ExpiredInboxRecords are created for every archived inbox so you can still view the contents.

See the expired inbox guide for more information.

Default behaviour

If you create an inbox and do not specify an expiration date the inbox will be permanent. If you specify an expiration date the inbox will be expired when the date passes.

What happens to expired inboxes

The inbox is copied to an ExpiredInbox entity. You can still access the emails belonging to th inbox but the inbox can no longer send or receive emails.

See the inbox creation page for more information.

Permanent inboxes

Make sure your plan covers permanent inboxes.