MailSlurp is free for personal use. You can sign up and use the API and clients without ever needing to pay. There are some limitations on free plans however and there are many reasons why you might want to upgrade.

Sending limits

Free accounts cannot send emails to some external (non-MailSlurp) addresses. This includes external email addresses ending in , , or the domain of other large providers.

Paid accounts are not restricted. This is to prevent spam being sent from free MailSlurp accounts. If you want to send emails to any address please upgrade to a paid account - we offer affordable starter plans and yearly pricing discounts.

Why should I pay?

We welcome free users and always will. MailSlurp is a small company and every paid account helps us maintain and improve the product. If you find MailSlurp useful please consider upgrading to support us.

Blocked blacklist domains

Free users cannot send emails to that end in some domains. If you think this is a mistake of would like to have an email address whitelisted please contact us.