MailSlurp enterprise accounts support login and user management using an identity provider such as Azure, Active Directory, OneLogin, Auth0, Okta etc. to manage team shared email inboxes.

Single sign on features

SSO login allows company administrators to manage user access to MailSlurp from an in-house identity provider. MailSlurp enterprise plans allow SAML Service Provider integration with common IdPs. Connect your company workforce with MailSlurp and provision role based accounts.

SAML setup overview

  • Upgrade your account to an enterprise plan to enable the SAML single sign on feature.
  • Create an organization inside the MailSlurp dashboard.
  • Configure an identity provider service such as Okta or ActiveDirectory.
  • Add a new SAML 2.0 application connection for MailSlurp in your identity provider and obtain the following:
    • Issuer
    • Entrypoint URL
    • X509 Public Certificate
  • Inside MailSlurp application create new SAML Settings for your organization. Add the issuer, entrypoint, and x509 certificate to your MailSlurp organization. Optionally add Authncontext for active directory.
  • On your identity provider add users to MailSlurp integration. Do not invite users via the invite page on the MailSlurp organization dashboard - use your IdP to manage users.
  • Direct users to their SAML login page hosted at or the link shown on your organization admin page in the MailSlurp dashboard.
  • See the setup guide for more information

User access and management

Resource management and billing

Organization user resources and tracked against the administrators account. All non-admin user resources are shared across the organization.

Further reading