We all receive dozens of spam emails to our spam boxes daily. These spam emails are usually sent by spambots. The spam mails will not pose a threat unless you open them and follow the directions provided by them. In other words, keeping all spam mails in the spam box unopened is generally safe. You can simply ignore them and continue with your day-to-day work.

People who send such spam mails are aware of this fact. That's the main reason why they are using smart techniques to get you open spam emails. For example, they will send out spam mail, impersonating one of your best friends. You will not assume that it's spam mail, and you will open the content. If you want to overcome such situations, you should take a look at the DKIM signature. That's because the DKIM email will help you to authenticate yourself as the sender of an email. DKIM records are used to authenticate email senders and reduce spam.

Why should you use DKIM email?

DKIM email will help you to authenticate yourself as the sender of an email. Assume that you are the marketing manager of your company. You meet a CEO of another company at a trade fair, where he will hand over the business card to you and ask you to send an email containing what you have to offer. You will craft a convincing mail and send that out to the email address that you can see on the business card. However, you will not be able to get a response. You will assume that your mail is delivered to the recipient, but it never happens.

The email you send will go out of your email box. However, it will not be delivered to the inbox of the recipient. Instead, it got ended up in the spam folder of the recipient. This happens due to the poor deliverability of your email. If you want to overcome such problems, you should enable DKIM email authentication for your email account. Then you can ensure that no email you send out will go into the spam folder of a recipient.

What is DKIM and what is its role?

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. This is a digital signature, which you can add to each and every email that you are sending from your email address. This is not similar to an ordinary signature that you include at the bottom of your email. You will not be able to see this email in the body. However, it would be embedded in the source code of your email through some random characters. When accepting the mail, the incoming server of the recipient will take a look at the DKIM digital signature. This is where it will recognize that you have sent authentic mail. Due to the same reason, the email will be delivered to the inbox, instead of the spam folder.

The main objective for the presence of DKIM email technology is to prevent email spoofing from taking place. That's because email spoofing has the ability to change content included within the original message of an email. This would make an email being sent from an alternative source, which looks pretty much similar to a trusted source. You can classify this as a cyberattack, which is responsible for causing fraud for people all around the world. To overcome such fraudulent activities, people started using DKIM as the industry-standard authentication method.

Final words

Make sure that you enable DKIM digital signature when you are sending out emails at all times. Then you can ensure that all the emails you send out will be delivered to the inboxes of recipients, without being flagged as spam.