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Test applications end-to-end using real emails and SMS

Create disposable email addresses and phone numbers in automated tests to mimic user sign up, capture verification codes, and confirm notifications.

End-to-end SMS and Email testing

Why testing with real messages matters

  • Test critical paths

    What happens if a user can't sign up and login to your app? You won't know unless you test the process with real email addresses. Automate your QA testing using MailSlurp to find critical bugs before they affect customers.

  • Never send a broken email again

    Capture outbound emails before they reach customers. Verify email content and detect exceptions that can't be found with unit tests or mocks. Stop embarrassing emails before they are sent using MailSlurp.

  • Instant test accounts

    Spin up test accounts in automated environments using unique throw-away emails and phone numbers. Capture verification codes and password reset links during QA.

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