Throwaway inboxes are valuable assets in many scenarios. From developing software to hiding your identity, a disposable email address is a useful tool. Disposable temporary e mail services let you create a clean inbox and use it for whatever you need whether that be marketing, testing, or development.

How does it work?

Temporary email addresses are mailboxes that are unique and generated on demand. They often use randomly assigned addresses or sometimes let you enter domain names and use your own addresses. They work a bit like regular email or a real email address but are not permanent. You can use them for as long as you need and then safely delete them. This means you don't need to use your primary email when testing or automating process. By using disposable email services you can avoid spam and stay safe.

Create temporary inboxes

Need temp mail accounts? You can create free disposable email accounts in seconds using the MailSlurp dashboard:

This is similar to guerrilla mail disposable temporary emails but gives you a lot more options - and it's free. For instance, you can create and control the inboxes in code and automated browser scripts like CypressJs or RSpec:

Think about all the possibilities this would unlock?

Hide your identity with a temporary email

You can use a temporary email address to hide your identity. For instance, you can use a disposable email address to sign up for services or websites that you don't trust. This is useful for avoiding spam and marketing emails. You can also use a temporary email address to sign up for services that you don't want to be associated with. For instance, you can use a disposable email address to sign up for a dating website or a gambling website. This is useful for avoiding spam and marketing emails.

Some websites block anonymous email accounts, but you can simply buy a cheap domain name (price 9.99 usd year) and use it to customize your anonymous email addresses in MailSlurp. That way when you sign up with services will consider you authentic.

Read emails in the dashboard

Disposable inboxes are accessible only to you and are private! You can view emails arriving to your domain by connecting a mail client or using the MailSlurp the dashboard.

Receive emails in code

Your temporary email account can send and receive real emails and attachments. Use the API waitFor controller to read emails in code. Here is another Ruby example:

Verify email contents and spam ratings

Another common use for disposable email accounts the performing of spam analysis and virus detection. With MailSlurp machine learning algorithms you can send emails to temp addresses and view spam findings in the dashboard.

This helps you to improve marketing campaigns and avoid spam filters. You can also use the MailSlurp email verification API to check if an email address is valid and exists. This is useful for avoiding fake signups and spam.