Temporary email accounts

Free email account generator and API. Create unlimited test email accounts. Add custom domain support with a plan.

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Generate temporary disposable email accounts for email forwarding (using email alias proxies), marketing, testing, and development.

MailSlurp is a free unlimited email account service for generating temporary (or permanent) email addresses

Control emails online or in code

You can create email accounts and access them online using the MailSlurp webapp or in code and tests using the email SDK libraries or REST API.

email api

Create temporary inboxes

Create real temporary email accounts using the MailSlurp dashboard:

email dashboard

Or use code in tests like CypressJs or RSpec:

inbox_controller = MailSlurpClient::InboxControllerApi.new
inbox = inbox_controller.create_inbox

Receive emails

Your temporary email account can send and receive real emails and attachments. Use the API waitFor controller to read emails in code. Here is another Ruby example:

waitfor_controller = MailSlurpClient::WaitForControllerApi.new
email = waitfor_controller.wait_for_latest_email({ inbox_id: inbox.id, unread_only: true, timeout: 30_000 })

# read contents
expect(email.subject).to include("My email")
expect(email.body).to include("Expect body content")

Or view emails in the dashboard.

email viewing dashboard

Verify email contents and spam ratings

Perform spam analysis and virus detection against emails using MailSlurp machine learning.

email spam rating

See the email spam score API for more information.

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