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Fake email account generator for testing and development. Create real email accounts for automation, privacy, and software development.

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Email account generation is the process of creating new email addresses when they are needed. These email accounts are real addresses that can send and receive email but they are often only temporary and use an address that is mostly random numbers and letters. You can create real email accounts online using email generators such as MailSlurp. These accounts can be used for software testing, social campaigns, or privacy. One free service for email generation is MailSlurp.

Why use disposable email accounts?

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Email is a key modern technology. The ability to generate email addresses on demand is useful in many areas. You can create a new secret email address for privacy, isolated account sign-ups, or email forwarding. Email generators are services that provide free email addresses that you can use. You can create randomized accounts or use your own domain.

How to generate email accounts

To create a new randomized email account first sign up for MailSlurp. Then login to the online dashboard and create a real email address using the webapp.

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Inboxes can also be managed in code using the email address API so that automated tests and software projects can generate email accounts when needed and configure them programmatically.

Use custom domains

You can create email address with custom domains that you own by following the custom domain guide.

Using inboxes

Generated email accounts can be used like any normal email address. You can configure your favourite mail app like Mail or Outlook using SMTP and IMAP. Another way to read and send email from randomized proxy email addresses is via the email API.

View emails

You can view emails and attachments received by email generators like MailSlurp in the dashboard.

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You can also configure your mailclient or application code to connect to your mailboxes via SMTP or IMAP.

Compose email

Send HTML emails and attachments using the dashboard or the REST API. compose

Programmatic access

You can also use MailSlurp to create email addresses in code. Here is an example in Javascript:

const inbox = await inboxController.createInbox();

See the developer pages for more information.

// create an inbox using MailSlurp client
const mailslurp = new MailSlurp({ apiKey: process.env.API_KEY! });
const inbox = await mailslurp.createInboxWithOptions({
  inboxType: CreateInboxDtoInboxTypeEnum.SMTP_INBOX,
// get smtp access details for mailbox
const server = await mailslurp.inboxController.getImapSmtpAccess({
// Create auth plain transport
const transport = nodemailer.createTransport({
  host: server.smtpServerHost,
  port: server.smtpServerPort,
  secure: false,
  auth: {
    user: server.smtpUsername,
    pass: server.smtpPassword,
    type: 'PLAIN',
// Send email
const sent = await transport.sendMail({
  from: inbox.emailAddress,
  to: inbox.emailAddress,
  subject: 'Test outbound email',
  text: 'Can I send on behalf?',
  html: '<b>Hello world</b>',