Email Generator

Fake email account generator for testing and development. Create real email accounts.

random email generator

You can create real email accounts online using email generators. These accounts can be used for software testing, social campaigns, or privacy. One free service for email generation is MailSlurp.

Generate email accounts

Sign up for MailSlurp and create real email addresses using the dashboard.

fake email generator

Use custom domains

You can create email address with custom domains that you own by following the custom domain guide.

Using inboxes

View emails

You can view emails and attachments received by email generators like MailSlurp in the dashboard.

view emails

Compose email

Send HTML emails and attachments using the dashboard or the REST API. compose

Programmatic access

You can also use MailSlurp to create email addresses in code. Here is an example in Javascript:

const inbox = await inboxController.createInbox();

See the developer pages for more information.

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