Fake SMTP servers are a great way to test applications and email sending. Create a free mail server at mailslurp.com to test emails without sending them to your clients. MailSlurp fake mail servers are a great alternative to expensive services such as Mailinator and Mailtrap.

Fake SMTP server features

What features do fake smtp servers provide? Fake mail servers allow a developer or testing team to configure a mail server any way they wish. They can capture outbound emails and trap them in the outbox so that emails can be verified before they are sent to real customers and to prevent SMTP errors.

SMTP protocol testing

Fake mail servers enable email relay testing and rapid application prototyping. Fake smtp servers are also widely used in the are of authentication flow testing.

Auth flow testing

Many quality assurance teams use fake smtp services like MailSlurp to test authentication flows in their applications. This typically involves creating dummy email addresses for each user during testing and then using those accounts to receive and verify sign up links and verification codes.

Verify attachments

Before you send attachments using SMTP it is helpful to capture them in fake mailservers and analyze the contents.

More uses

These are just some of the many uses for fake smtp servers. They are a great tool for any developer or QA team.